You know my name, 

Not my story

The first time Jamal Ben Saddik set foot into a gym, he was not amused. The only reason the young Saddik went at all was because of his father. However, after his first kickboxing lesson Jamal fell in love with the beauty of the sport.

By many known as Goliath, the 26 year old Ben Saddik already is the number three heavy weight kick boxer in the world, and in December 2017 he will be fighting against Rico Verhoeven to reach his ultimate goal; winning the world title. A lot of people know his name, there are few that know his full story. A shame, because his story is the most interesting part about him.

Jamal grew up in Belgium, currently lives in The Netherlands and carries the Moroccan nationality. When he fights, he represents Morocco. The fact that he’s training for this major fight again, is something Jamal could have never dreamed of two years ago. After defeating Rico Verhoeven in 2011, Saddik got diagnosed with thyroid cancer, which he is still battling. His world collapsed.

Being the true fighter he is, Jamal fought back. But this wasn’t the only obstacle he had to face. He got shot in the leg once because he wanted to stop a fight and he became the witness of a deadly car accident. During all these downfalls Ben Saddik never lost sight of kickboxing. His love for this sport now gets rewarded by his major success. Out of the 349 matches he has taken part of, he went home as the winner 33 times. On top of those 33 wins, 26 of them were knock-outs.

Mentally and physically Jamal is ready to fight the biggest battle for him so far. In December 2017 Jamal will face Rico Verhoeven once again.